24 Oct

Top 5 Reasons why POS is better than Traditional Cash Register


Technology has altered the way businesses operate these days and when it comes to running a salon, most of the modern-day salons make use of a Point of Sale software and refrain from using a traditional cash register. Even Salon owners who were once hesitant to use the POS systems, are now moving towards it as the software is easy to use and is cost-effective as well. Top five reasons why the POS is better than traditional cash register are as follows

How POS is better than a traditional cash register

1. Efficiency: Using a POS software helps Salon owners to carry out their functions efficiently. For instance, the bar code scanner and POS system enhance the efficiency of the cashier with the necessary tools to decrease the consumer checkout times. The accounting process is also made simple, as an automated POS can generate retailed sales reports for accounting. The traditional cashier on the other hand takes a lot of time in handling the restaurant operations.

2. Accuracy: A point of sale system is easy to use, accurate, and puts all the information about sales on a touchscreen interface, at the fingertips of the salon owners. It eliminates the manual keying in of items, as with traditional cash register. The entire cash handling operation is made accurate with real-time data, thus eliminating the need to enter data into back-office systems, minimizing the risk of human error.

3. Management of inventory: A Point of Sale software incorporates an advanced inventory management capability, unlike a cash register. It helps to track the quantity of the product on hand, sets up reorders triggers, and saves hours of inventory management every week. The POS software will also render real-time inventory data, which is not possible with even the best cash registers and highly talented cashiers.

4. Simple accounting: A point of sale software system streamlines the accounting process of a salon. The old fashioned cash registers force accountants to sort hundredths of receipts manually, whereas a POS system prints hundredths of receipts and reports instantly and also helps to import data with the accounting software directly.

5. Detailed reporting: Compared with a traditional cash register, the POS software has advanced reporting features, that helps Salon owners to keep a close eye of the sales, profits, and specific expenses. The POS reports are easy to read, formatted based on real-time data, and are easy to access. The POS system helps salon owners to monitor key performance indicators such as stock turnover, average customer sales, sell-through rate, etc.

Bottom line:

POS solutions help Salon owners reduce the cost of doing their business while improving productivity and yielding a better return on investment. By finding the right Point of a Sale software system, Salon owners can enhance the profitability of their business to many folds.

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