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We don’t just promise, we do what we show and promise. A smooth and user-friendly that aids you with all the management services that you can think of. Fast, reliable, and trustworthy software is much needed to grow your salon business and these are the reasons that we stand out in the race. We have a solution for your billing, split payments, inventory tracking, and everything else that you can imagine. The point that makes us more loved the most is affordability. This is the reason that we are the best salon software in India.

Salon Software

Pos Terminal

Touch screen POS terminal for easy use

PoSbook is a SaaS-based  touchscreen Point of sale appication based on a simple user-friendly interface The Best Salon Software application can be used online or offline on iPad Android tablets or laptops point on sale is fully integrated with the inventory the transaction with your point of sale will automatically be resisted in your inventory management and accounting and even in your CMR as the customer can be identified from application

Registering Order – Start by registering a new order by selecting services/products requested by the customer. Assign an employee to each service offered to the customer for tracking commissions.

Adding customer – Simple search and select feature to add a customer to the order for billing.

Barcode – Supports Product/Service and Customer barcoding for ease and accurate identification for Invoicing.

Payment and Invoicing – Simple selection of multiple payments and complete the invoicing with auto printing of Receipt on thermal printer.

Appointment Booking

A PoS integrated salon appointment software with full-fledged feature to keep appointment based customer of multiplex services appointment drag and drop appointment for change of employee and time slots are some of main features

Inventory Management

The unique double entry inventory management allows full traceability from the supplier to the customer. Nothing is lost, everything is moved. Track every stock move from purchase to warehouse bin to sales order. Trace lots or serials upstream or downstream from anywhere in your supply chain.Use cutting-edge automation and advanced routes to manage any warehouse. Use order points and automated RFQs to make your supply chain more efficient than ever. A fast user interface designed for modern inventory management. Get more work done with less effort with or without barcode scanners. Easily manage a single inventory or a complex multi-warehouses environment by activating features on demand.

HRM & Payroll

A full-fledged Human resource management and Payroll system to handle the entire operations of a store. Personal information Management ,Contract Management, Track Time and attendance of employees, Manage Recruitments, Manage Leaves, Payrolls, Customized for Indian tax rules, complete set of Employee Appraisal features and comprehensive Reporting are the main features

Billing & Financial Reporting Extensive

The FA module follows double-entry bookkeeping system: all journal entries are automatically balanced (sum of debits = sum of credits). FA module support both accrual and cash basis reporting. It allows to manage several companies within the same database. You can get consolidation reports following your consolidation rules. It supports multiple currencies too. The core accounting implement accounting standards that is common to all countries and specific modules exists per country for the specificities of the country like the chart of accounts, taxes, or bank interfaces. You can generate financial reports in real time. It’s reports range from basic accounting reports to advanced management reports. The reports include:



Membership module allows you to manage all operations for managing membership. It supports different kind of configurable memberships

  • Free member
  • Associated member
  • Paid members
  • Prepaid members
  • Special member prices
  • Special Discount 

It is integrated with sales and accounting to allow you to automatically invoice and send propositions from membership renewal etc. 

Business Dashboard

The executive dashboard module deals with the current status and performance of a store. Always track monitor and assess the sales daily appointment scheduling customer details, invoices Never miss a date.

Mobile Apps

Owner’s App

This app is specifically for owners. This application gives owners an instant insight into the functioning of their Salons or Salon Chains, including ongoing services performed, revenue inflow, people present and many details required for remote management of their Salon or Spa.

Employees App

Through this application, employees can view records and their attendance details. Employees can view training videos through this app. Personalize login for technicians enables them to view the upcoming appointments.

Customer App

The customer app helps the customer to request appointments, view their bills, packages and membership details. Customers can give feedback and reviews on their visit to a store.

Frequently Asked Question

PoSbook Makes your salon management easy and helps you concentrate on building strategy of growth of your business.

Definitely it is a salon management app but it can help you with businesses like Gym, Medesaps, Healing centers, Medical Clinics, and all such B2C service providers.

Yes, our software helps in customer retention. It helps to manage CRM like Pro

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