Manage your team to Succeed

PoSBook is software that helps you manage your employee and other services. It allows you to track their attendance, performance, leaves, etc. You can manage appointments according to that and avoid saying no to your customers.

Salon employee management software

Employee Roster

PoSBook has a Employee Roster module to setup monthly roster for each employee using a calendar interface. Week-offs, shift timings and movement of employees from one store to other in case of multiple store chains are some the major features. Depending on the employee roster, the appointment screen is displayed in terms of availability. 

Each employee, as they enter the store in the morning, they can register their attendance in the POS screen itself. 

Employee Schedule

Employees are aware of their appointments as they are informed by the front office which is handling by PoSBook appointment feature. Also, each employee can have a Technician mobile App to view the appointments for the day. The services taken, product sales, package sales, membership sales made by employees are tracked individually in PoSBook on every ticket completed 

Payroll and Commission

Payroll can be setup at the organization level for all employees based on their skill set and experience. Also, an employee commission plan (fixed commission or slab based commission) can be setup to incentivize each employee.    At the end of every month, salary can be processed based on the attendance data commission earned. Commission earned is calculated based on service, product, packages, membership sales data and the associated plan for each employee. Various Payroll and commission reports are available to support the payroll processing and dispersal. 

Frequently Asked Question

PoSBook can help you track your employees’ performance and manage their incentives, salary, and
attendance. If you can manage your team well, you can get the best team with maximum productivity.

PoSBook roster system integrated with Appointment module helps to keep the
appointment sheet updated and never upsets your customer by overlapping appointments.

PoSBook is one of the most trusted brands by Salons. We provide you with a user-friendly experience for both you and your staff.

PoSBook Eases Employee Management and Helps You Make Them Smile


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