FirstPos has the best support systems and we are proud of it

Our PoSBOOK Software support services includes Installation & Implementation assistance, Master data loading and Training for a jump start. Regular on call assistance in terms of functional usability assistance and hand-holding are provided in requests. Remote troubleshooting capabilities shall be delivered via telephone and online communication media or without human assistance through automated means.

Best of the breed

We are known for one of the best support services provided to the PoS industry. The speed of response, the attitude of our support personnel. You will find it a please to call us.


There are many times that individual Salons have problems in accessing, in understanding the software and access capabilities. Support is at hand. We are available multi-modal: Call dial up the toll-free number, contact over e-mail, SMS, Whatsapp or any means and we will attend to you.


When new feature comes in, when new employees join, we know you need training for getting the best results from the software. We are there to provide you with training and hand-holding. Training may be done on-line, or directly as the requirements demand.


We provide analysis of the data through the WebOffice. However, if you have questions and would like to go in-depth into the data provided, we have specialists in statistics and analysis, who can provide you with a better insight into the data and even suggest better means of working with challenges.

Our on call support services are available on all 7 days of a week, accessible on toll free support number (1-800-1030-111) or or posbooksupport@whatsapp or emergency support +91 9535010403.