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Availability of Retail and Consumable products are inevitable for a smooth functioning of a salon. It needs constant tracking to make sure the right stock quantity is available. Cost of inventory is a major investment for a salon and requires good inventory planning. PoSBook provides sufficient features and tools to ensure proper Inventory management.

Salon Inventory management Software

Inventory Plan

The salon manager can make necessary requirement planning through the Purchase Requisition feature. Inventory requirements can be generated automatically using multiple levels like Reordering level, maximum level, minimum level and danger level set for each product. In addition to that, according to seasonality patterns, necessary ad hoc requirements can also be added. Finally, according to the monthly or quarterly budget, POs can be sent to suppliers to ensure supply of stocks at the right time.Auto Replenishment plans can also be implemented with much ease.

Keep an Eye on Stock

The POS screen is capable of showing the available stock at the store level for each product. Thus it ensures that the right amount of stock is always available at the store. All stock issues to the store employees shows the available store to enable them to have the right quantity is always available.

Track your sales

You can track your sales of the products. You can follow the one that is your bestseller and the one you need to work on for better sales. PoSBook reports are very sophisticated enough to have a good control over retail product sales and product consumption through services.

Track your consumptions

Consumption tracking is made easy with PoSBook. All service recipes are entered into the system as master data. The physical consumption is tracked through issues to employees.  The reported usage is compared with the physical usage and the leakages and non-standard usage can be plugged using the system.

Inventory Audits

Monthly/Weekly audit of physical stock of the entire products in the salon can be done with much ease and comfort. The list is generated by the staff, then the physical count is taken and imported to PoSBook software and it throws out all differences. The differences are reconciled with the help of the Management team to ensure zero leakage.

Everything in one place

You can mention all the products and location in the software to check what and where you have in your inventory. Divide the section according to the consumption or retail products, categories and locations. This helps you to locate the product without any confusion and irrelevant searching. You know exactly where the product is kept.

Frequently Asked Question

PoSBook helps you to keep a track of your inventory and alarms you before you go stock out. The
entire inventory management system can be implemented for the salon.

Definitely it is a salon management app but it can help you with businesses like Gym, Medesaps, Healing centers, Medical Clinics, and all such B2C service providers.

Yes, our software helps in customer retention. It helps to manage CRM like Pro

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