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PoSBook makes it easy for you to monitor the growth and area for improvement. The software is diligent enough to provide you with statistics and data that can help you keep an eye on your Salon’s performance.

Salon Accounting Software
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Keep an eye on Dashboards

PoSBook365 dashboard gives a 360-degree view of the business on a day-to-day basis. The dashboard shows various sales metrics for managers and owners to have effective control over various KPIs and monitor them.

Sales Report

Here you can analyze the graph of your sales. If it is heading up, your strategies are on point and marketing is in the right direction. If there is a deflection you can change or rethink the strategies once again. You can switch to the one you think can work for your business.

Employee Performance

Employee performance and monitoring is important for a store. PoSBooks helps to set up employee targets and measure performance periodically. Based on their experience, a comprehensive incentive plan can be set up for each employee and the payroll process can be made easy.

Inventory Report

You can track the sales of products and the percentage they are contributing to the profit. You can see your bestseller and make strategies for those who need to be sold and are not performing well

Frequently Asked Question

Ans. you can have a look at the reports such as sales report, employee performance report, inventory report, and all other services. You can analyze them and work on to grow your business.

Ans. PoSBook helps you to bifurcate these reports according to your sections and work on it. PoSBook also helps you provide various services like appointments, inventory management, CRM, and several others

Ans. Yes, you get 14 day free trial for the software and after that, you can get into the paid version. You can update your program side by side with benefits.

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