PoSBook Billing
Reduce Complexity

PoSBook helps you to manage your billing efficiently. Manage the customer flow efficiently with Queue management. Multiple Terminal options to handle large salons with multiple floors. Achieve zero waiting for customers with PoSBook.

Salon Billing Software

POS Terminal

PoSBook has a SaaS-based Point of Service terminal which is very easy to use and very intuitive to users. It is very simple to use and no training is required. It is loaded with information related to customers, inventory, staff availability, etc for a seamless billing and reduces checkout time which results in less customer wait time. 

Ticket Pooling

PoSBook enables users to have multiple PoS Terminals in a store. In a large salon with multiple floors, more than one PoS Terminals are required to help the customers to checkout from any Terminal and avoid waiting time. The users can have separate openings, continued billing and closing of shifts.Each shift requires collection reconciliation based on the sales recorded.Now, Ticket pooling comes handy where a ticket created in one terminal can be moved to another terminal seamlessly.Any ticket can be pushed to the Ticket pool and any other Terminal can pickup, add service or products and checkout without disturbing the customer movement. 

Queue Management

Queue Management improves the business by managing the customer’s waiting experience. PoSBook generates the queue token number as we create a service ticket for each customer as they walk in for service.

Cashless & Cardless Payments

Provides freedom to customers to make payments through Cash, Cards, Digital payments, Membership wallets, Customer wallets, Pay Later etc.

Change to be given to customers, tips to employees and printing the bill can be achieved in record checkout time in a matter of seconds.


With the help of PoSBook, you will be able to manage all the payments with just a click and enable a seamless reconciliation of collections at the end of the day. 

Frequently Asked Question

A billing software helps you to bill the services taken by customers or products purchased, collect
payments and issue bills for the transactions.

There are multiple choices for POS software in the market. According to a survey, it has been found
that PoSBook is one of the best POS software. It is a multi-purpose software where you can manage
your functions of the salon. It is integrated with a robust appointment and billing system, and it is

Recurring billing software is used mainly where subscription sales generate the business. Salon, fitness clubs, spas, and yoga centers are some businesses that deploy recurring billing to generate periodically and on multiple dates. PoSBook is one of the best regular billing software you can use for your business and manage things efficiently.

Though there are numerous options available regarding Salon software. PoSBook is a user-friendly
software that helps you manage your salon easily. It helps in achieving zero wait time for customers.

No More Fumbled Records, Have Systematic Billing Schedule with PoSBook


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