Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, The software is built-in with Financial accounting module which allows generating Financial Reports.

Yes, We have GST compliant report and it can be downloaded in excel format.

Yes, The user can create a personalized custom package on the go from the cart and checkout with other services.

Yes, on Owner’s authentication.

Yes, on Owner’s authentication.

On Owner’s authentication, it can be done.

On Owner’s authentication, it can be done.




Yes, you can make settings accordingly for the flexible pricing option.


Yes, anytime you can see the details. You can also set the reminder popping on your screen at the session login.

Yes, you can set the frequency of sending SMS to clients with Spl Offers and Wishes.

Yes, collect payments in all formats such as Cash, Card, Digital Payment modes (G-Pay, UPI etc), Cash Wallets etc.,

Yes, with some limitations. Walk-In billing is possible. Searching customer details, fixing appointments require internet.

Yes. You can also mark their Leaves, Week Off and Block for a period of time in a day. As a safety measure, you can even capture their Body Temperature levels while clock-in and clock-out for the day’s duty.

Yes, you can set the % of the split commission to your technicians/stylists

Yes, we recommend

Yes, you can be environmetal friendly salon by sending bill details through digitally. SMS or WhatsApp or Email

Yes, anytime you can get your data in MS Excel format.


Yes. Owners will get a day closure details such as Sales, Number of Services, Number of Customers etc., through SMS. An Email can also be sent on daily basis.

Yes. You can accept cash advances, pay later (negative advance) and collect pending payments.


Yes, the appointment book allows you to schedule several appointments in 1 booking which makes the booking of multiple appointments very easy. Also when you then check the client out and take them through to the POS screen, it will grab all the appointments so that nothing gets missed!

Yes. There is role based login, which allow you to password protect any areas you wish to secure.

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