24 Oct

Top 10 Benefits of Point of Service (POS) Software for your Salon


Beauty and Grooming industry is going to see continued growth in the coming years. Covid has impacted the industry on a temporary basis however the Salon and Spa industry is likely to bounce back once Covid restrictions are removed.

The salons and spas that have opened up are seeing rising consumer walk-ins and in order to manage the service volume and maintain the additional steps of Covid specific hygiene, there is a need to optimise the system and infrastructural support.

For their business to generate profit from more consumers, salon owners must have a systematic approach with the help of a POS software, so that they can automate its key operations, control the business and generate more revenues every day.

This is the time to invest in building a great backend infrastructure that will support both the In-Salon and At-Home services model.

Benefits of POS software for Salon

1. Personalization: As salon owners wish to increase their number of clients and customers, and associate with them for a long time, they need to personalize their business and offer services based on the unique tastes of their clients. This helps in building brand loyalty and generates more sales and leads.

In this modern age, there is a crying need to offer personalised services based on the wishes of the client. Clients are delighted to note when their preferences are remembered and they get individual attention. Making that little trigger that can change your business altogether. This develops a one-to-one relationship between the business and its customers. As the number of customers increases, we have to depend on computers and software. This is where a good Point of Service Software can help, increasing the number of clients footfalls and growing the size of their business with you.

2. Customer Loyalty: Loyal customer data and their preferred services, products can be made available at the click of a button for targeted marketing.

3. Business Automation: The Business automation wing of the POS software helps to enhance work performance and efficiency, and eliminates human errors. Automated messaging from POS on various events makes it a powerful tool to stay connected with the customers.

4. Ambient services & Digital payments: The software helps to cut the wait time, facilitates quick transactions, compared with the manual method. As these systems are compatible with the receipt printer and barcode scanner, it helps to serve the customers quickly & error-free.  Salon owners can use the POS software to accept and track different payment methods for services offered and product sales such as credit cards, debit cards and digital payments such as UPI payments, Paytm, Google Pay, etc., among other possibilities.

5. Enhances productivity: The salon POS software decreases the cost of running a business. Employee productivity, tracking consumable usage and quick checkouts are key indicators which enhance productivity. These systems also come with features to measure & boost the productivity of each technician. Training pointer can be added.

6. Manpower management: The POS software makes it easy for Salon owners to check the sales made by every employee, and use the POS to manage the employees, track attendance & temperature (Covid-19 feature) and to reward them too on productive hours. Employees can also monitor their sales statistics and go better with their sales. Slab based or customized incentive working can be defined to reduce manual calculation.

7. Business reports: For Salon owners, the Business POS software offers access to different customized reports. These reports can have important information such as daily sales, stock management reports, employee performances etc. with the help of these reports, it is possible to check the services in demand and organize stocks in advance. There is also provision for targeted instant messaging about salon opening and day’s closing numbers etc. POS Softwares help in accurately calculating tax value based on tax codes, also helps to avail tax input credit benefits.

8. Prevents errors: Being a computerized system, it mitigates errors compared with manual methods and prevents incorrect processing of orders, thus it helps from streamlining appointments to plugging revenue leakage & enhances profits.

9. Inventory management: POS software makes the salon resources available to the employees and tracks the business flow and income in a particular month. Salon POS software also helps to track consumptions, forecast based on seasonality, calculate the extent of wastage, set standard usage and to ensure that the business runs smoothly.

10. Cash Management: Effective cash management is the key to run a salon successfully, as it aims to reduce cash gaps and use the cash carefully. The POS software creates electronic records of the payment system and regulates all incoming and outgoing payments, making it easy for salon owners to manage their revenues.

Bottom Line

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