24 Oct

Is managing salon appointments manually costing you, customers?

During this pandemic period and the lockdown season, we realized how important that salons are in our lives. We were looking insane with the lifeless skin and hair buns. Now that situations are returning to normal most of us have started to plan our meetings and schedules and the first on the list is a salon visit, to renew our looks.

The salon owners will have a tough time in restoring our beauty as it has been left unattended for months. No wonder the salons are flourishing with customers in no time and if you are a salon owner, it is high time you invest in software to manage your appointments. Else, you could end up missing your customers and appointments as managing all appointments manually will cost you time, customers, and ultimately business.

What is a salon appointment management software?

The salon appointment management software helps you to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments through an easy to use the app. You can eliminate no-shows and double booking and automate your entire booking process. You end up influencing a lot of customers, ultimately making more business.

Why should you use this software to build up your business?

1. Seamless integration:

As a salon owner, you know that your customers wish to book your service online in advance to cut down the wait time. Almost all your appointments can happen this way, and thus you need to have a solid software system in place to handle them to ensure seamless flow in your work. This prevents confusion and conflicts and it integrates seamlessly into your existing system as well.

2. Makes your work easy:

With traditional appointments, that you make in your diary, you have to be calling the client constantly and you will not be sure of the work until they come to your salon. But with the salon management software, you can remind them with alerts and reminders and can contact your customer through email, phone, and even texts at frequent intervals. This can help in driving down no-shows and lets your salon to run smoothly.

3. Builds trust and loyalty:

An inefficient booking system and discrepancies in keeping salon appointments manually can cause a lot of confusion and also fails to engage your customer. With the salon management software, that is dialed to send automatic follow up messages to the client, you can enhance your client retention and loyalty levels. The software also prompts your customer to keep coming back to your salon and enhances your ROI.

4. Its time-efficient:

Salon owners waste a lot of time over managing pen and paper appointments. By making use of the salon management software, you can divert your valuable time to other business promotion activities. The software makes all your operations smooth and efficient and you can spend time with your customer.

Verdict: Jotting down the pen and paper appointments are a thing of the past. Maybe they appeal to small salons with few stylists and with an aversion for growth. If you want to represent yourself as a promising salon owner and look forward to realizing your goals and vision, then you should adopt a salon appointment management software to grow your business and attract more customers and ultimately do more business.

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