Central Database

All locations and Salon, come under one Database. All your data is stored centrally. This results in a high degree of coordination and control.


The customer records are kept centrally and shared with all your Salons, giving a seamless experience to the customer. You know about the last visits, their preferences, frequency of visits and whole profile before you ask.

Service Menu

The singular database allows you to keep a centralised service menu for all your customers. Change service menus and you change them throughout all the Salons instantly. Additionally, tweak prices and offerings at individual salons or group of Salons.

Coordinated Campaigns

Run Campaigns throughout the network of Salons, with incentives, coupons and discounts which can be applied centrally. Centralised Coupon Issue and Redemptions, Packages, Wallets and many more.

Manage Globally

Manage your multiple Salon business from the comfort of your home, or while you are on the road. Being accessible from anywhere, you are able to access, monitor and manage your systems globally. View, Watch, Analyse, Understand and Control. 

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